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i have 4 children and had a c section with the last. at the same time as my c section i had a tubal ligation, im done having babies- i have been breastfeeding my baby for almost a yr and half and still no period. but for the last four months i have felt like i should be starting. i have all the symptoms like i will but nothing! i know when your nursing sometimes you wont have a periodc but 16 months? nurses 1 time a day at night and sometimes a snack. thats not enough to keep me from having a period, is it? i nursed all my children and always started my period before i finished nursing! months before .it seemed like when nursing slowed down i would start.
ive had things happen that make me think -could i be pregnant!.but i quickly blow it off because HELLO i had a tubal i dont have to worry about that anymore. then, seriously, i start feeling movements or flutters!! still i blew it off but always in the back of my head "is there a possibility?" well wednesday i had such bad cramps front and back and was positivaly going to start. i was reaching for midol, it was that bad.- 4 days later still no period not a drop- and i felt a kick or nudge or something. omg! i just felt it again1 i feel like i am loosing my mind! i dont know what to do really. i mean i have had 4 kids i know what a baby movement feels like.
oh! and - seriously ,! i have a bump that looks like a baby and seems to be growing and its so frusterating because i just want to get back down to pre baby clothes. it doesnt matter what i do i cant loose wieght. significant wieght. 5 lbs loose then gain it back but my stomach will not go down lately.
has anyone had this happen to them im just lost for what to do. im suppose to have a hysterectomy on may 11th. that wouldnt be able to happen obviously. i havent really given all this much thought up until the last few days so im pretty sure its not my mind playing tricks on me. and i know i shouldnt be able to get pregnant so i dont stress on it-


The only real solution is a pregnancy test. Lol.

I had my tubal after my second c-section and I get the "ghost kicks" and what not.