I track my menses on mymonthlycycles.com and they are fairly normal at 26 days...September (a 2pd mth) my 2nd period was late appx 3/4 days appearing on the 30th...I have noticed that my ovulation dates are consistent with their timelines based on body symptoms- ov cramps, discharge and etc...this month i was to have ov on the 12/13th of the month- and i did have pains on the left side...however, i am now late 4 days yet pregnancy tests are negative. Yes me and hubby are active sexually with no protection...I am experiencing backaches esp sitting down for long pds of time, milky discharge but not a lot, i am lil more tired but not excessive, boobs are full- but not sore, hungry with no food aversions...from my research on line i could be pmsing or pregnant but i would like some insight before i waste more $ on these so-called early detection preg tests...

Thanks a bunch,