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im 22 years old, my husband and i have been trying to concive for about a month.. i already have a 4 year old which took me about 9 months to concieve. my last period started on september 30th its now october 13th, a few days after my period i started to feel nausues and also fatique, i took a pregnancy test which of course read negitive, that was only like 2 days after my period. as i said its now the 13th of october and im getting fluid leaking from my breasts and im extremely tired, bloated, headaches, nausa, very hungry and mood swings along with the breast discharge. i took a test tonight that read negitive but my next period isnt even until the 30th of this month which makes me think it may still be possible that im pregnant? i dont know if its normal to have this breast discharge while ovulating because according to the "average woman" right now would be the time that i should be ovulating. im very confussed because ive been pregnant before and this is the way i felt when i was pregnant. i also never get breast discharge ever.

please help!!


It is a very big possibility that you could be pregnant with the symptoms that you have been decribing. I have a 4 year old son and I also had a baby last year. I had missed my period but it was only a cople days late and since we weren't trying to have a baby I didn't see the need to take a test yet. But then I had fluid leaking out of my breast and took a test and it was positive.. on the other hand my bestfriend she has a 4yr old as well and she had another baby last year as well, but it took her numerous test until one showed up positive. I would go to your local docotor and get a test taken..they may check your blood and when your pregnant your homone levels are higher so that may be easier than waiting for a home pregnancy test. Especially since your having the signs and symptoms and ur periods late as well.. good luck! Hope I could be of some help!