alright so about two months ago i had VERY SEVERE back pains, heavy heartbeat, cramping, nausea, no appitaite at all, and slight dizziness. i went to the doctor and he didn't exactly know what was wrong with me, tested my blood for lyme dissease which was negative and gave me a pregnancy test, also negative. i have had sex but am on yaz birthcontrol and have been for almost a year now. i have also taken 7 home pregnancy tests over the last two months all which have been negative and i have had my period twice, going three times at the end of this week (hopefully). i'm paranoid about being pregnant because i'm only 18. the symptoms have died down and came back. my breasts have started hurting, but not unless i sqeeze them pretty hard. the nausea, dizzyness and MOST of the back pain and cramping is gone. however i still have ZERO appitate. and i just started cramping again..
i just want to know what's going on. i'm pretty sure i'm NOT it all in my head?? or is something really wrong?