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i'm going mad with worry at the moment. Firstly I should mention I have a slight fear of pregnancy, even if other people are pregnant. As a kid I wouldn't even go near them.

At the moment I'm really worried. I came off the depo injection... must of been july. I still haven't had a period. I haven't had sex since about May, maybe beginning of june.
I don't know if it's me being paranoid but I can feel abdominal movements a lot, and I look about 9 months pregnant. But I have actually lost weight on the scales. I have no other symptoms, no breast tenderness, no sickness, moodyness etc etc.
It may be worth noting I have a number of medical problems including a thyroid problem. Is there a chance these symptoms could be a sign of anything else?

I know me thinking I'm pregnant is probs really irrational. But still. I was just looking for some advise / help on 1st what to do now. and what to do in the long run as this is something that crops up a fair bit.


Hey! I also have an irrational but persistant fear of pregnancy. Even though I am on birth control which I take every day at the exact same time every day, I am always worried about being pregnant. I cant watch tv shows with pregnant people in them, so no worries about the fear being irrational. I do everything possible to prevent pregnancy but no matter what I do I still worry about it. I dont want to completely be sexually inactive because I know that is unessecary with the precautions I take. So my question to you is have you take a pregnancy test yet that would tell you for sure, they are free at most health clinics and they are more sensitive than over the counter ones there so this is your best bet for sure