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This thread was so comforting to me. I've been sexiualy active for the past seven months or so and have been worried about pregnancy even before then! I am only 19 and have no need for a child right now, and getting pregnant when I don't want to frightens me so much. I have been on north control ever since I started worrying about pregnancy. My period was a little later and I was worried semen had magically gotten in me at one point while fooling around with my boyfriend. Ever since, almost every month I have worried about being pregnant even though I take my pill everyday, usually use a condom, and have my boyfriend pull out as well. I have mentioned this fear to my boyfriend and he has no problem adding to our protection, but I know he thinks it's very irrational do I often just tell him I'm anxious for no reason, not wanting to hear the "you know you're not pregnant" talk I have heard before. And I know I'm not. I know that with birth control alone my chances are 1-3% and condoms alone are similar percentages. And doubling up, plus adding him pulling out? Me getting pregnant would be a miracle. But I worry constantly about it. Sometimes I interpret every physical thing going on eith my body (pain in stomach or breasts for example) to be a sign of pregnancy. One month I even lost a couple pounds because my anxiety took my appetite from me. But threads like these make me realize I am not alone or absolutely nuts. They calm me down, but I'm afraid I might need more help than online threads and I am not sure how to bring this up to my parents to see how to go about getting it. Sex is not something I look forward to bringing up.


Hi 'Guest',


When I read your post- sorry, but I laughed a little- DEFINITELY NOT because I find your situation amusing; quite the opposite! I very vividly recall having those fears myself. I didn't pop my cherry till I was 18, because I was convinced that I would become pregnant the first time- even with protection! While all my mates were experiementing & loosing their virginity, I was petrified of sex because sex equalled a baby.

My fears stemmed from a few areas: my mother drumming it in to my head that she didn't want to be a grandmother; a fear of carrying a life inside of me; a fear of growing up & having to be responsable for someone other than myself- and most of all, the fear of giving birth. I couldn't quite figure out how a huge baby was meant to get out that small hole! I knew it stretched, etc- but the thought of it had me considering a nunnery.

I too did the doubling up- until one particular boyfriend didn't 'cover-up'. I fell pregnant at age 24, while on the pill.


And it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't change what happened for the universe- my now 12 year old IS my universe.


Where does your fear actually stem from? Are you scared you would be a single parent? Are you scared you will disappoint your parents if you fall pregnant accidently? You mention your parents at the end of your post, but I didn't understand it in relation to your fear. Sex talk with parents is never easy! lol And you're 19 years old- why do you need to bring it up with them? Is it any of their business, unless you actually fall pregnant?


You are being sensible; trust yourself & trust medical science! If it did happen, then you would always have choices.


Best of luck & I hope you start to feel better & more relaxed about sex. Relationships & sex should be fun- not full of worrying about things that might not happen!