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I am going to sound completely mental but I am 22 weeks preganant and I can't control this irrational feeling that the world is going to end. I know I have probably watched too many scarey movies but every day I have the same irrational thought that a virus is going to take over the world and turn everyone in to the living dead! I know that it is most likely my overactive imagination combined with my hormones, however I am genuinely scaring myself to the point where I can't sleep properly and constantly have the news on! I know that this is not any good for myself or my baby, however I cannot control my thoughts! I wish i had a switch in my brain whihc could turn off these thoughts but unfortunately that isn't possible!

Does anyone have any advise for me before I send myself completely insaine?


First of all WELCOME to motherhood! It is a horrible problem that is VERY common during pregnancy! It is your protective hormones taking over already - just like noticing School Zones and Playground Zones etc, you start becoming of the dangers around you - just like in the wild, the pregnant mother will be more aware of dangers etc.

Here are some things to do with the nightmares - I used to have Night TERRORS - punching my husband screaming etc, it was awful!!!

1. Don't eat a big meal or dink anything sugary or caffeinated after 6pm, just have a snack of an apple and better yet have a warm cup of milk before bed - this is a VERY relaxing thing and contains calcium and magnesium for sound sleep.

2. Try to analyze your dreams - WHY? - Is it because you weren't feeling well before bed? Is it because you saw a bad piece on the news etc. Put a ratinal spin on the dreams - explain them to your subconscious

3. Before sleeping tell yourself over and over again IF you start dreaming about zombies you HAVE to wake up - this is in your subconcisous! Like I taught my youngest 'IF the man with no head comes to your dreams again, tell him to go away" this has worked for him like a charm! It is positive feedback thinking, becaoming stronger to tell the things to b****r off!

4. Ask your partner for a massage before you go to sleep, also get into a habbit of having a relaxing moments to yourelf before bed time so it becomes something to look forward too instead of dread!

Just know that this is VERY normal and you are NOT insane! BUT if you feel that this is getting out of hand, talk to your doctor OK? But I think you will be fine - make bedtime more positive OK? It will be over soon and then you will be wishing for the good old days of bad dreams - at least you were able to sleep then!!!! ;-) XD XD


Thank you!

Your advise is very welcome and trust me I will be giving it a go

I nice to know that I am not going insaine and its just these terrible hormones getting the better of me!

I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again!


I have been having very irrational thoughts like I wasnt really here or I am going completely crazy and the dr said it is just anxiety, combined with hormones. Glad to see that someone else experienced weirdness. I hope it went away!