Can someone please help me? I got off my period on january 1. My boyfriend and i have been fooling around for a month and i finally lost my virginity fully on jan 2. Well the sunday following that day (jan 4) we were fooling around and wanted to see what it felt like without a condom so he entered me for less then 10 seconds with no precum i made sure of that before he entered...well we decided that was enough and didnt want to risk anything. so then he had his boxers on and i was naked and we were dry humping with him on top...he didnt ejaculate or finish at all and it felt weird because of the boxers..but kinda good because of his hardness and things like lasted less then 3 minutes...could i be pregnant because of this? My period is supposed to come around the last week of january...should i be not having any symptoms of pregnancy or anything but my bf and i are kinda freaking out about it..