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Me and a boy were hanging out on my couch , we started intensely making out . He soon started fingering me. i had shorts and panties on , he crawled in and thats how he fingered me. He had his jeans on , until he got up and took them off. i noticed a small wet spot. he simply touched it a Lil. and back on the couch. this time he was sitting and i was sort of laying on him horizontally , he started fingering me again. again by crawling in. then i got up , and we were positioned face to face. our areas were not really on each other. but then i sort of did got on him. i again was wearing my panties and shorts. we then stopped for good . the moment he left i washed my vagina. could i be pregnant , i get my period in about 15 to 16 days from today , but i want to hear what anyone has to say.  and FYI before i get lectured , I've already promised myself i will not be sexually active until i am married , or ready for it , in every way*



The wet spot was likely precum.  If he hadn't ejaculated yet then it is considered not to contain sperm, so it is unlikely you'd get pregnant.

As to your comment, while you may not be having sex you are engaging in foreplay.