I'm waiting to go to my doctor, but I need to ease my mind now. Any advise or information will be greatly appreciated!!My periods are irregular due to my polycystic ovary syndrome and other things, but on 11/02/12 I had a normal period, then 12/02/12 another normal one, then 1/2/13 another normal, here's where it gets weird, I skipped Feb. Then on March 2nd I started my period, it was weird, I usually only stay on my period for four days, this one lasted 6, but was light/medium, and usually when I skip a month it'll be really heavy the next time I get a period. Two days ago I started spotting, it was only when I wiped though, and was light red/pink.  Yesterday, March 14th, I had to put on a pantie liner because the blood was a little heavier, not much though. So I'm spotting now, but I'm passing tiny clots, like not very big.  Last night I had started feeling little cramps in my lower abdomen that switched sides, but it was not like a normal cramp. Then I felt a ripping sensation directly centered below my belly button. Could I be pregnant? Or is this a miscarriage? Or could it be something else? I have never experienced this before, so I'm really worried!! Sorry for the TMI and how long it is. OH, and the spotting stops at night and starts back in the morning! I don't know if that helps..