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Ok so i need help!!! About a week ago i started spotting but the blood was bright red in a transparent, slimey fluid. The next day and the following day i took pregnacy tests that both came up negitive. Since then iv experienced moodiness, being on edge, being very snappy with my boyfriend, crying for no reason then being completey fine, and my ovaries have started cramping slightly. Not enough to cause discomfort, but just so i can feel it. And iv been having cravings for junk food such as Spur, McDonalds ect. And red meat like ribs and burgers.

I checked online for implantation bleeding and one of the articles i read said that sometimes your body hasnt produced enough hCG(pregnancy hormone) and after implantation bleeding so you should wait 3 to 4 days before doing another pregnancy test, i havent tried another pregnancy test as i was sure i wasnt pregnant. But now im wondering.

I need to know if what i experienced a week ago was infact implantation bleeding or if it could be something else and i need to see a doctor?? 


Take another pregnancy test. If this is negative, try seein a doctor. Also try to not stress about it, that can also cause changes.