I got pregnant on August 20th.  On October 15 of this month I started spotting I immediately called my Doctor. And they got me in for a emergency ultrasound and that’s when they discovered that I had two uteruses. In uterus #1 she said that you could see the sack and the small fetus( couldn’t hear the heartbeat because it was too early  ). In uterus #2 She said she saw something thick  forming but it was too early too so she suggested I came in a week later (22nd),  so we could have clear answers on both.  I still have three days left till I go in but my bleeding has increased and I’m so worried, I’ve been online searching for answers and I think it’s driving me more crazy ,has anyone else experienced this?

 I’ve came across a few woman with double uterus/uterus didelphys  Who have bled while pregnant