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My wife began losing her hair about 6 months ago. About 4 months ago, she was diagnosed with PCOS, which the doctor said is contributing to the hair loss. Her doctor prescribed Metformin. She was a week late and an EPT test confirmed her pregnancy this morning. Unlike many other women with PCOS, this is an unwanted pregnancy as we already have 3 kids and do not want, nor can we afford any more. I understand that PCOS increases the risk of miscarriage, but that the Metformin decreases it. Is it bad to ask if she should continue the Metformin if we're not looking forward to a 4th? Has anybody else gone through this and have any light to shed? - A panicked and hyperventilating husband and father of 3


Hi panicked,

If you're hoping for a miscarriage, whether she takes the metformin or not, you can't predict if it will happen. 

In other words she might miscarry or she may not no matter what you do.  Chances are that she can carry the baby if she's already carried three to term.

I have to comment on this.  You are an adult and knew the risks.  You should have thought about this before you had unprotected sex.