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I am 17 years old and i came off the pill in September (7 months ago) and since then i have had no period. I have taken three pregnancy tests, all negative, and been to the doctor and she said im fine.
But i cant help thinking this isnt normal as i was regular before i was on the pill, and none of my friends have had the same problem!
Any idea's why this might be happening??


I was on the pill for about 5 years. In that time I gained a lot of weight (about 80 pounds). Before I got on the pill, my period was on time every month. It was also on time every month while I was on the pill, just shorter. Now (one year after having stopped taking the pill) my period is all wacked out. Some months I only have light spotting, then other months it will be insanely heavy.

I hadn't been to the doctor in two years (i stopped taking the pill on my own). When I went to see her in early March 2009. I told her that my period has been irregular. She suggested that because I'm overweight (218 pounds at 5'7") and because of my family history of diabetes, it's likely that I have this disorder called PCOS-polycystic ovarian syndrome. It messes with your hormones, causing problems with ovulation, which in turn messes with your period. You build up follicles of would-be eggs on your ovaries (i think that's what she said). Then you eventually shed the follicles (this is what leads to the heavy period). There are a lot of problems associated with PCOS. It causes problems with having kids, it also causes excess facial and body hair growth, and dark patches of skin (on skin folds, etc). If women with PCOS don't get it treated, they can have worse problems later on, like cancer.

I'm not saying you have this condition or trying to scare you, but it's worth looking into. I haven't even gotten confirmed myself yet. My doc wants to do an ultrasound to see if I have cysts. Just based on the research I've been doing on the web and checking the symptoms, I think I might have it. Right now I'm working on losing weight and I'm already noticing positive differences.

Go see the doc...find out for sure...and if you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds. It's worth it.