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My girl firend as become pregnant and has Polycystic ovaries. She is now to weeks late on here period and as took to pregnancy tests both came back poitive. She is slighty over weight and does smoke. She is now trying to stop smoking and lose weight. She try for one year with her ex to have a baby and it did not work.

I have two questions if any one could help -

1. Could the pregnacy tests be wrong?

2. What are the relistic chances of her having the baby with Polycystic ovaries?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Many women have stayed pregnant even tough thy have PCOS and I believe your girlfriend is one of them, considering the fact that two pregnancy tests are positive. Pregnancy tests are most reliable when taken after the period is at least one day late. The fact that she didn’t manage to get pregnant before obviously had a lot to do with her former partner.
But, chances of miscarriage rise with every condition like PCOS, so you two – go straight to the doctor to monitor her pregnancy. And stopping smoking is not an option, she has to do that by every mean possible.