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I'm 17 years old and i been having some trouble with premature ejaculation issues. I have sex with my girlfriend and have for about 3 years now. I also masturbate like any regular teenage boy does I never had a problem cumming to early but about 2 weeks ago I did and I did so repeatedly, it freaked me out a little bit so searched around on the web and found this site and posted a question asking what to do. I got a response and the person told me to stop masturbating for a while. So I explained to girlfriend and I stopped having sex and masturbating for two weeks. So today I figure I try and see did that help any and masturbate to get ready for my girlfriend. It's like the second I touched my penis I had a little urge to cum, I came in about 5 seconds. Is there anybody out there can help me with this so I could move forward and have a healthy relationship. %-)


Why are you masturbating to get ready for your girlfriend? Do you mean so that you last longer by ejaculating before you're with her or to build up so you are ready for her?

The thing about masturbation is that most guys, especially teens, do it just to orgasm. It should really be considered a learning experience. You want to learn how your body feels as you get ready to orgasm and to control it. It takes time and a lot of patience.

For now, don't focus so much on the sex. Just do what you do and if it happens it happens. The anxiety you have is not going to help.

Try to relax, you will get over this.