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Im a 28 year old male in good shape (not overweight, eat healthy, exercise frequently, good resting heart rate etc.) and am having a lot of discomfort that feels related to my bladder and spine possibly. I am not on any medications, I do not smoke, I drink occasionally and I am not sexually active.

About six months ago I started having occasional shooting pains from the area between my scrotum and anus, down the inside of my left leg, to about my knee. They would last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes and seemed to be entirely unprovoked. Then I started also having throbbing, radiating pain and discomfort that seemed to be in my left testicle or just below where glands or something attach. These have increased over the past several months and also occur in or near my right testicle at times as well. Sometimes they are sore to the touch when this is happening, other times they are not. Once or twice they have felt swollen too.

Starting about two months ago, I noticed that these pains were more frequent and stronger. They feel more like pressure points or throbbing than anything and sometimes gentle massaging of my inner thigh and testicles will temporarily relieve the pain. There are no lumps or anything.

Starting about three weeks ago, the discomfort in my testicles increased yet again and became more frequent. I had one isolated two-hour stretch where I needed to urinate every 20 min (like a UTI) but that only lasted the evening and has only happened one time since, and very briefly. 

Four days ago, I had significant pain and throbbing in both testicles which also began to correlate with shooting pains up and down my right inner thigh and a feeling of pressure in my lower abdominal area (right below the base of my penis and behind my scrotum. The soreness spread to my lower back and hips the second day and I also noticed every time I drank or ate something it felt like I got indigestion IN MY TESTICLES not in my stomach.  I described it to my bro's wife (an LPN) and she said probably a UTI. So I started taking Amoxicillin for it (5 days ago now). It helped me stop feeling irritated in my bladder and made the constant urination sensation go away. The throbbing in my scrotum/testes did not though. Since then, the soreness in my back has increased and my lower abdominal area is still sore. I have also had many strange pressures that seem like nerve pinching near my lower spine/lumbar area  between my hips. That gland or whatever it is that you can feel running between the scrotum and anus (chode) which runs up the front of the penis feels like it's being tapped with a hammer when my bladder is even a little full or I have food in my stomach... and today I also have the exact same discomfort, but one that feels like its running from the base of my spine all the way up to my neck, and a pressure point behind my tongue. SO STRANGE.

I can't help but feel like these issues sound so random, but they must all be related seeing as I've never had any issues with any of these things until the last six months, and they have all just built and increased since the first symptom. The best way to describe it is that whenever I am not lying down with an empty stomach I have extreme discomfort in my pelvic area and often in my scrotum. The various places I feel pressure or pain seem spontaneous too, but all center around my lower pelvic region, between my scrotum and anus, near the base of my spine. It feels like nerves or glands that are being pinched near the base of my spine and scrotum by some kind of swelling or something (seemingly related to eating/drinking). I feel pretty good when I wake up in the morning, but as soon as I am on my feet for a while and start eating and drinking, the discomfort and pain is back for the day. 

I confess I have been pretty bad at staying well hydrated at work and I also have a lot of lower back pain from an exaggerated curve in my spine and from working on my feet all day in very thin/poor shoes. The only medications I've ever been on are for Anxiety (Alprazolam for two months) and for a possible UTI (Amoxicillin, still on it).

It doesn't sound like it could be a hernia. It isn't prostrate or testicular cancer. If it was a bladder or kidney infection I would expect the Amoxicillin to knock it out by now. Can back problems or dehydration cause these symptoms? What about Pancreitis or Liver failure?

Thoughts? Ideas? Related symptoms of places to look for answers??


I will be going in to a clinic tomorrow to get checked out and hope its something simple they can explain and fix.


Please check your Prostate fluid for culture & sensitivity . It may be the symptoms of Prostatitis. I also faced the same problem & dignosed  Chronical bacterial Prostatitis . 




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