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I have been feeling a lot of pressure on my bladder for the last year...I've had a cystoscopy and a vaginal ultrasound...everything looks just fine. The pressure on my bladder gets worse...feels like everything is going to fall out of my vagina and now have a lot of lower back pain? They now think I could have uterus prolapse and want to do a hysterectomy. What do you think??



There is a chance that your uterus has prolapsed and that this is causing your pressure on your bladder. However there is also a chance that this might be caused by a hernia. I know that chances that doctors missed this are small but sometimes this could be causing all the pressure. I had a friend that had issues with hernia and she had to go to bathroom all the time and she was always complaining about a dull pain in her lower abdomen. And when she went to check this out at the hospital they diagnosed her with hernia and after the operation she was all right. I hope that they will find the reason that is causing this issue of yours.