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So the title says it all.

I explain how it all started: during 2 months I had infectuos mononucleosis as I started to recover then I felt one day a little pressure on my bladder. I was on alert, but as that feeling went away I just focused on other things. 3 days passed by and then again, a little feeling of pressure and discomfort in the testicles.

It lasted longer. I felt I couldn't release my gases so I got some pills to help out. I felt I sort of improved for some 3 days or so. I stopped with those pills.

Later it came back. Well, I've seen several doctors. They all say "it's nothing".

Just a few days before these symptoms I had an ecography on spleen, bladder, kidney, liver and pancreas because of the mononucleosis. Everything was perfect there. I also had a blood test and it was perfect too.

Now that I have these symptoms I just had a complete urine analysis and everything is perfect. I got my testicles checked by a doctor and he didn't find anything rare.

I don't feel itchy or burning when I go to pee. I don't feel pain when I release gases or go to the bathroom. The position of the body doesn't make a difference. They symptoms may change during the day: maybe I feel mostly the lower back pain and nothing else, or maybe just the bladder pressure. Sometimes all together, but it's not much. It's subtle, but very uncomfortable because of the time I'm dealing with this.

I also feel some pain in the sides, below the ribs. They just come and go and are not very often.

Sometimes I feel I have to go to the bathroom or just release a gas but I feel like I don't have the "strength", so it doesn't go out the way I want.

Did anyone experience something like this? Could you share your experiences please?


Do you smoke? Anything? This could be it. Report all your bad habits to your doctor.


It went away after a while. It don't have any habits. This was part of a series of rare symptoms I developed during mono. Now I'm ok. Thanks.