I had a bad uti two months ago and ever since, I found out recently from a scope done on my bladder, I have inflammed polyps in the neck of my bladder, which the doc told me not much can be done about them expect a low dosage of antibiotics for a month, however I've been on four diff. ones due to the uti, then an ear infection, then oral surgery, all I've had in two months along w/chest pains, which nothing was found.  I also found I have a dysfunctional gallbladder.  However, I'm taking D-Mannose to help prevent further utis, but I do masturbate at times and didn't drink alot of water this week and Fri. night I started feeling a burning sensation in my lower back, kind of right about my buttocks area.  Feels like an internal, inflammation feeling, then later felt a little pain either where my bladder is or my ovaries.  Does any one understand this inflammation feeling?  I bought some uti test strips to check for uti, but won't use it 'til tomorrow morning as I've understood that's the best time to test the urine.  I wish my mom were alive to talk to her about all this.