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hi all

my foreskin doesnt go all the way back, it used to just go over the top and after a year or too of masaging it has gone a little farther back

last night after sex i noticed that my foreskin on the side closest to me can almost go over the head, but on the inside of the skin it is very red and raw because it seems to of been didnt bleed or anything but it seems weird, also it is not even either, one side (the left) goes down a little farther than the right.

what should i do? does this cause permanent scaring of some sort?

also what should i do to totally cure my phimosis (if u think i should) steriod cream maybe?

any help would be greatly appreacated...please help me.

also i have noticed VERY minor versions of this after heavier masturbation but they have healed, this seems to be on a much larger scale

please help...cheers.


Hi this is the problem most boys got when there parents learn them by not masturbating when they are young, most boys started masturbate at the age of 9 then the foreskin is soft and very flexible so you can tear the skin through very easy by time. I personally remember how i did it day after day a little bit more, until it goes through you have to do the same with yours. It is a bit sore and the skin becomes very sensitive but there will no bleeding you have to do it every day. When you masturbate stroke hard and as far as possible to your pelvis at the end of the day you will win but it takes time you can stop the irritation of the skin with vaseline it is working perfect let me know if there is some thing else i can help with.

NB. You should stop the sex until you succeeded because sex will be very painfun with that raw penis. XD