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Bags under the eyes are a common complaint in modern times, caused by too much eye work or a lack of sleep. Many have experienced this annoying problem, and are looking for a way to remedy it.

Why do some people have bags under their eyes?

Bags under the eyes suggest a buildup of impurities, and the monthly cycle is an opportunity for the body to cleanse and rejuvenate itself. However, after the age of 40, the body’s natural ability to detoxify becomes weaker. Since bags under the eyes are often due to digestive impurities caused by a sluggish digestion, the main organ involved is the liver. It would be nice to find some product with a unique blend of herbs to help balance the liver and help the assimilation and filtration of impurities that can end up causing bags under the eyes.

Diet and lifestyle tips

Try to avoid stress and get extra rest, especially during periods of menstrual discomfort. You should also drink plenty of warm water and avoid ice-cold and carbonated drinks. It would be wise to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, and add coconuts, raisins, papaya, and sweet juicy fruits to your diet. Only take a moderate amount of sugar, avoid red meat and heavy fried foods, and avoid drinking fluids before bed. Use only natural beauty products, do not smoke, and avoid second hand smoke. Maybe most important of all, get plenty of sleep. Place a washcloth dipped in warm water over your eyes for five minutes once or twice daily, and make sure you are laughing every day because it gives exercise to facial muscles. For puffy and swollen eyes, make a facial steam or facial wash with warm, salty water, and for tired eyes use a silk eye pillow. For inflamed baggy eyes soak cotton pads in cold milk with rose water, and place them over closed eyes for five to ten minutes. It is also important to know that activities such as computer work, reading for an extended period, or playing video games up close can cause our eyes to tire and result in blurred vision from accommodative fatigue. It could also cause the inability to carry out close work for an extended period of time.

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