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I had a miscarriage one week ago today... SO SAD............... BUT now I am experiencing a foul odor. WHAT does this mean.... I AM really scared


I too had a miscarriage at 9.5 weeks pregnant on October 18th (almost 3 months ago). I was feeling kind of sick to my stomach a week later. I had an ultrasound done and part of the after birth was still inside of me. They gave me a D&C right away. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor, my husband came with me. We asked how long should we wait to try to get pregnant again. He told us it would be wise to wait a couple of months to give your body time for that healing process. He said we should wait until my next period from the D&C which he stated it would come in 5-6 weeks from the D&C. The reason why that period takes so long to come after the D&C is because part of my hormones thinks I am pregnant, the other hormones thinks I am not pregnant. The body needs time to sort itself out. Then he told us to wait for the next period after that one to which that period should be a normal period. I hope that doesn't sound confusing. If it does sound confusing, after your miscarriage wait for 2 full period, then I would consider trying again.

The odour you smell could be part of the after birth inside of you. Don't get grossed out. It just hasn't found it's way out of you. You may need to get help getting it out by a D&C. A D&C does not hurt. It is a day surgery. You should consult your doctor immediately. A bad odour could mean the start of an infection. I am sorry about the miscarriage.