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I'm 16 and me and my boyfriend have had sex three times, and we've used a condom everytime. I recently informed my parents that I've been active because about a few days ago I noticed that when I wiped there was spotting, and I thought that it could be my period starting, but its only happened that one time (the spotting). I havent had any other spotting or anything like that. It's really weird though, I'm supposed to be getting my period sometime this week, and I am a little scared at the moment, 'cause I don't know if it could of just been from rough intercourse (the last time we had sex was the day before I noticed the spotting), or if i could actually be pregnant (the second last time we had sex which was just last week, he did use his hand but he hadnt touched himself or anything - the only time he touched himself was when he removed the condom - but he didn't touch skin to skin kinda thing). I'm going to be getting a test done if I notice any more symptoms (so far - spotting, increased appetite - the appetite could just be me from being nervous or something), but if I could get any help or tips that would be great. (and yes my boyfriend and I have agreed on no sex for a LONG time, but I have decided to go on the pill, I even already have it with me) Though I am the kind of person that worries easily, I would just like a second oppinion kinda thing.

Sorry for the story, but I didnt know how else to vent this pent up stuff

Thanks To Who Ever Took The Time To Read And Think This Over


don't worry. you CAN'T get pregnant from protected sex...and the spottings are from your hymen break...:-)
Hope I helped ;-) :-D


Although I don't want you to worry either the previous person was wrong.

You CAN get pregnant from "protected" sex. Wearing a condom is only 85% effective and that is with perfect use.

I am guessing that the spotting is most likely from the "roughness" of the intercourse or like previous post could still be you hymen. Going on the pill is a GREAT idea and make sure that you continue using a condom for at LEAST the first 2 weeks of the pill pack (preferably longer to protect from STDs) to prevent pregnancy.

i wouldn't let yourself get worked up just yet....if you miss your period take a test (preferable a first response test they have the highest accuracy rate) but I have a feeling you wont need to....

You seem very mature for your age BTW....refreshing ... the pill is going to make your life a lot easier it was a great decison for you- i went on the pill when i was 14 (many, many years ago) and loved it- stayed on it until i was 27...when i decided tohave babies :)