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Last week, my boyfriend and I decided to have protected sex on a Monday and a Friday. We stopped half way through both times, and to my knowledge I didn't see anything in the condom. The second time we had sex though, the condom fell off as he pulled out, but nothing was spilling out of it (we had this happen months ago, also). I was very sore, since it was my first time having sex in about eight months, and all of a sudden two days ago I began to bleed. I am bleeding when I wake up and bleed a little more during the day. My period is not supposed to be due for another week, but my best friend (who is a virgin) also just received her period yesterday. Could this be my period? What could be my issue? Please help! I'm too young to be pregnant.


Ok - stop worrying. Firstly: your chances of getting pregnant like this are small (although tell your boyfriend to hang on to that condom when taking the penis out in future). Secondly: even if you were really unlucky and had got pregnant, it wouldn't cause bleeding like this a few days later.

I think you're right - it's most likely that your period has come on early. Periods are very sensitive to mood and anxiety, especially when you're young. See how it goes - if it stops like a normal period and everything seems OK, that's what it was. If the bleeding continues, or you get other symptoms, get a doctor to check you out.