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Sorry this is a gross one. I'm wondering about going to the bathroom for number 2 a few hours after trying to conceive. I feel like the pushing motion would surely encourage all of the semen to fall out or at least be disturbed!


all it takes it one sperm out of TRILLIONS in one ejaculation to fertilize your egg. IF you are even ovulating, the sperm that may come out of you while going to the bathroom are the 'dud' sperms. That is, the sperms that were not lucky enough to get to your egg.

In sum, going to the bathroom after trying to conceive will not hurt your chances.

If anything, it is important to at least PEE after intercourse to flush out bacteria that could potentially cause a urinary track or bladder infection.

As for number 2, you shouldn't ever really PUSH when you poop. Pushing to a certain extent is of course normal and almost an innate reaction, but pushing excessively when you poop can cause hemorriods and they are NOT fun