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I normally have a cycle of about 28 days give or take a day. My boyfriend went inside me just to get me used to the stretch so our 1st time would be better. He never actually ejaculated in fact we made sure he didn't come close to doing that. He had urinated before which apparently kills any remaining sperm from previous ejaculations. I was 7 days into my new cycle and had finished my period for 2 days. I keep telling myself that there is no way i could be but I have become very paranoid about it.Can you get pregnant from precum?  Has anyone heard of any other cases like this ending up in pregnancy? 


If you had unprotected sex, you're running a risk.
The fertile part of the cycle typically falls about day 14, but individuals vary.

Given what you've told us, you're probably not pregnant from this experience... but I'm not sure I understand what the two of you were trying to accomplish.

Using his urine stream as a contraceptive is certainly not reliable.
I HOPE that you are investing in birth control and protection of SOME form before you attempt anything like this again.


people i will clarify everything
First of all, you are pretty safe.
Pull out method is not safe at all because the guy never pulls oout before dripping a couple of drops of cum inside a girl's vagina

Second of all, if the guy urinated before sex and pre cummed, the pre cum won't contain an enough amount of sperm to make you get pregnant People always say you need one sperm to make a baby. But you actually need millions of sperms. It is true that it takes only one sperm to go into the egg and make a baby, but most sperms get lost on their way to the egg. They need teamwork. If only one sperm is ejeculated it will never find its way to the egg. People will say they are pregnant of precum even if the guy urinated before. This is their misunderstanding. The guy will probably try to pull out before he ejeculates. But as i said in the beginning, guys always loses a couple of drops of semen before pulling out. But the guy wont realize that and if the girl gets pregnant, he will automatically think that the precum caused pregnancy. This is how the pre cum gets its bad name.

Third of all, urine DOES KILL SPERMS LEFT IN YOUR URETHA. most people think facts that they never heard arent true. Idiots.. pshh
Urine is acidic enough to kill and washout the sperms that is left in the penis's uretha and leave the precum with no sperms in it. However, this does not work on the girl's side. Vagina has two different pathes. One for peeing and one for sexual intercourse. If the girl gets injected by a guy and pees right after, it wont to anything because they come out from two different wholes.

For the conclusion, if the guy urinates several times and pre cums and does not ejeculate, (if he is not even close to feel orgasm), then you are in a good shape. You don have to worry about it But ALWAYS! use protection!