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I just want to know ...before my husband started chemotherapy, he did the sperm banking thing to save some of his sperm for the future, but he said there was nothing to help him masturbate and he produced very little that going to be enough sperm to get me pregnant through insemenation? Although it was like just one drop?


While one drop could do it, the chances are very low. One drop of sperm might contain 10s of thousands sperm cells where as a full load of ejaculate contains between 200 and 600 million sperm. Of those millions of sperm, only a few 10s of thousands make it to the egg. So, as you might guess, if you start out with only a few 10s of thousands, only a handful might get to the egg. Additionally, of those that make it to the egg, since they were frozen, they may be weakened by being frozen and not be able to fertilize the egg. 

So, while it's entirely possible to become pregnant with just a drop of sperm, the chances are not very good.