Hi everyone! I suffered from an upset stomach every night. It would come and go  and get worse when it would come. I got screened for my blood and everything showed up fine...physicals, everything except for a stomach X-ray but I haven't done that yet because so many screenings get expensive and my tests always turn up normal anyways. So I recently found this video that links to an article. I can see why I was having so many terrible symptoms on and off because I did eat a few of the recommended foods but not all. I'm hoping this will help the next person for this has opened my eyes to my case a ton! I see that so many people have posted about not being able to have sleep overs, fear throwing up at night, can't sleep at certain times of the night, have to sleep at an incline and so forth, belching  and gas issues. I've been there and I can't wait to share my progress. It's been such a hinderance on and off. I made many doctor visits, and one hospital visit. Going shopping this week for B12, probiotics and foods ASAP after I find out if Hurricane Irma will impact my state hard or not. Be blessed everyone. We will get relief! 

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