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Are there day to day restrictions that I should be aware of with a radical sternectomy eg.driving with airbags , flying , CPR ????

How common is this and what is the morbidity rate ? I am a 56 yr old male


I have had some of the same questions since having a sternectomy with muscle flap closure this June (2016). It is difficult to find answers. There doesn't seem to be any research on the subject. Just because it is rare, does not mean it isn't important to those of us who have had a sternectomy. Mostly what I have read about CPR has been on forums. I can't find any research so far. There is a letter to an editor of a journal says CPR may not be effective on people without a sternum and recommends different types of compressions instead of manual CPR. Another post I read said the edges of the debrided sternum could lacerate the heart....geez, just what I wanted to hear. The constant popping in my chest drives me crazy. Do you feel the popping?