for the past few months I have randomly been getting swelling in my fingers. and its usually not even my entire finger. its sometimes the outside of my pinky and has stretched down a bit to my palm. once it was my pinky and ring finger of each hand. sometimes its just a random pointer or just the lower segment of my ring finger. it usually starts with my hands becoming itchy and then the swelling starts and lasts for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

it happens often after doing dishes, once in a while going to the store, and once in a while it will happen and i have nothing to connect it to. i originally thought it was just the cold that triggered it but i cant say that for sure.

im a 24 year old man, fairly fit (6 foot 175lbs) although lazy but try to exerciser on an inconstant level. no insurance at the moment.

I have a pretty good metabolism and other than sweets i pride myself on eating pretty healthy (avoid processed foods, always whole wheat low sodium other than bacon). although i often go on sweet binges and justify it with diet and excessive afterwards. because of this me and my wife are concerned about diabetes although i have no history of it in my family. another thought was high blood pressure which my father does have.

any idea whats going on? i tried googling it but my situation seems different because it is for the most part not painful, doesnt really look red, just swollen, and its not my whole hand or even entire fingers.

other possible relevant information:

-i have a wart that ive been freezing on my right thumb for over a year that doesnt want to go away, but the swelling goes to both hands. i often hold the freezer to my thumb longer than recommended out of frustration.

-i often have cold hands and feet

-i only drink milk and water, no sodas or coffee or energy drinks.