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Ive been having problems injuring my right hands pinky from time to time the last year or so, everytime I hit the wall or a bed or something out of anger its reinjured and the knuckle swells up blue real fat. 3 days later or so the swellings usually down. touching the swelling doesnt hurt and you I can feel the lump. the last time I injured it was last week I was pissed and hit something that was very solid, it hurt my hand so bad I was so tense in agony cradling my hand for several minutes... I also punched with a bad technique. As usual the swelling im used to on the pinky except this time it hurt a bit more. If I turned my hand either way all the way I can, I got a very sharp pain throughout the side of my hand.

A week later, I have the lump still, less swelling, the side of my hand still hurts, but I can move my finger as usuall, no real problems in flexiblity or anything, and there wasnt originaly either. One more thing that hurts badly is if I put any pressure on the side of the hand right where the pinkys knuckle is, such as pressing it on a desk or grabbing it, hand shakes are unbareable... always cause swelling.

the last thing that sorta freaks me out is my left hands pinky stays straight when I make a fist, it doesnt rub up against the finger next to it. On my right hand my pinky starts to angle towards the finger next to it, the more I make my hand into a fist. It rubs up against it and I can feel the pressure on the pinky holding that position. that is definitly not the natural pinkys position, and im wondering why my pinky is bent towards the finger next to it. Actually everytime ive reinjured it, it kind of seems like its bending closer and closer to the finger next to it.

I have searched through google and figured maybe a jam but I dont know about the altered pinky angle.

Due to my stupidity earlier I got pissed and hit my left hands pinky knuckle against a solid dresser and its now bent inwards slightly, I used to use it as a comparison to my right, so I can definitly tell its bent in.

||||\ that is what I mean the right hands last 4 fingers look like, when I start bending towards a fist. the end of my pinky stays under the finger next to it; with a complete natural fist bend. [I might post a picture later]

thanks for reading, Im curious to what this is...


It sounds like you need to quit punching things out of anger. I think that may be the main problem.