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I am really wanting to seek out others with this problem as well. So I was born with a small lump on my pinky close to the joint. Doctors removed it when I turned 2 and it returned again when I was 4.

I got another on on the same finger when I was 9 or so. By 18 I had 2 in my pinky and 2 at the base of my left ring finger and one big one in the palm of my hand that seems to connect with the one at the base of my ring finger.
I had surgury at 18 again as they are painfull and limit the movement in my fingers. They again started growning back and by 19 they were back full force in all the same exact same spots.
I have been to various Dr's about this and they all give me different answers, the most popular being that it's ganglions.
I am currently seeing a Dr and he says he doesn't think it is ganglion anymore due to it returning again and again.He was the Dr who preformed my last surgury. He wants to do sugury again and I am just frusterated and unsure as it doesn't seem to do anything anyways. At this point I think I would rather just deal with the pain than getting surgury every couple years or more.The pain is not always consatant. But when it does hurt it is quite painfull and sore.

I want to meet or talk to someone who also deals with this ,as it sucks to suffer alone and be self conscious alone.


I'm sorry to hear of all the pain you've had to endure in having these lumps removed over the years, my goodness even as a toddler.  

I'm not a stranger to surgery, or hand pain. I cannot know if we have the same thing but I have multiple trigger fingers, and have had three surgeries to release them, only for them to return again. I've had the same three fingers done on each hand: thumb, pointer and middle finger. My most recent surgeon said that he thought they could be caused by an underlying autoimmune disorder since I have them in the identical digits on both hands. Have you asked for a consult with an Rheumatologist? If nothing else it could help to rule out some sort of autoimmune problem that is causing them to return repeatedly. I go to see a new Rheum in March and I'm hoping he will be able to shed some light on what is causing these fingers to trigger on me and settle them down for good.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how things go.