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I'm an 18 year old female and I've been getting these strange bumps in my groin area for several year now. They've never caused any serious problems (aside from discomfort), and I usually just let them subside on their own (takes usually about a week or less). It's also worth mentioning that there's no correlation between when I get these blemishes and my menstrual cycle (that I can tell). 


The bumps are red, raised, painful, and about the size of a dime. Also, the skin on top of the blemish is oddly soft/thin feeling, and the blemish itself is usually not rigid (like there's fluid underneath a thin layer of skin). I've drained a couple of them and they're sort of like a pimple (pus and sometimes blood inside) but they don't feel like a pimple. They usually have a 'head' but like I said they're very soft?

I thought they were some sort of cyst, but I'm not sure, because aren't cysts usually firm? Also, they leave these awful atrophic scars (indented, with layers of skin/tissue missing underneath the top layer) which are sometimes discolored sort of purpleish. 

I've had a lot of these and they always occur around my bikini line (right on that tendon or muscle(?) that you can feel where your thigh meets your crotch) so I'm wondering if friction from clothing/underwear is the cause. I'm also prone to ingrown hairs on my legs if that's significant - but those are never raised or large or pus-filled... and they never scar. This happens even when I don't shave my legs. Also, I don't shave my pubic hair if that's important...


I just want to know what these are! Any ideas?


(From the person who posted this):

These bumps usually show up one at a time and aren't in the same place. They're on both sides. I would say I've gotten approximately 20-30 of these in my life (they started when I was maybe 12 or 13?)