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Recently ive been getting these bumps under my skin, a lil bigger than the size of a pea. They dont hurt or itch. Its not an open sore. I usuallly get them in that area where the bone is between ur leg and genitals (not reallly sure how to explain it haha). One will appear, disappear in a few days and leave a scar and then another will appear. The last time i was sexually active was in Nov of 2005 and these did not start to apppear until July-August of 2006. What can this be? It's kind of embarrassing, and stops me from doing anything sexual! I've read that it could be an ingrown hair, sometimes they do appear after i shave, but they also appear when i do not shave ( and since some areas in which the bumps appear there really isnt hair there to shave!)


I don't think these are std. It could be infected and inflammed ingrown hairs, i get them all the time. When I squeeze them, they can even leave a dark mark where the bump was. My skin is just predisposed to these bumps in the groin area and I can't get rid of them. I know what they are because eventually I manage to get the hairs out but it can take months.

Why don't you see a dermatologist about this? It could also be some kind of cysts! I get those as well, they can grow to be quite big. Antibiotics are needed for these.