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Ever since high school, I've remembered getting zits and these hard bumps on my face. These hard bumps don't fill with white pus or turn soft. Nevertheless, I can pop them still. What I've come to find is that these bumps are actually filled with hard, yellow, clear, and oily deposits. They have a definitive elliptical shape. One of the ends is on the surface of the skin. If I don't pop these bumps, they fester and make the entire region of my face painful to touch. When I pop these hard bumps, the oily deposit comes out as a whole and usually leaves a tiny hole on my face. No pus or blood comes out of these holes and they heal in a day or two.

Does anyone have any idea what these are? I don't think they are just oil deposits because there seems to be a specific shape to them. Besides, I don't eat a lot of oily foods.

Any help is appreciated.


Go see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Those sound like acne nodules or cysts which is a severe form of acne.

I used to get those and had to take Accutane to get rid of them.

Stop popping them, you might cause scarring.

Good luck.


I have the exact same situation you're dealing!remembring when changing of season I kinda misused some acidic chemical on my face and its penitrated my skin badly.My face felt painful since,just for a while.Months after I discovered these wierd bumps start growing all over face..i'm was freaked out.At first it just seem to be bumps I thought it would go away over time.Weeks and weeks after I start to notice that the bumps forms into a combination of black heads and white heads.

As more of them grow my face become painful just by touching unless I pop them out;some pop out like a solid hard oil deposit,with the sharper end is exposed on the surface of the skin;and some comes out like toothpaste.Pretty disgusting I know and they leave awful redness or scars on face!! :'(

Some how since these bumps grew on my face I tried to change my bad habbits; washing face regularly,not touching my face,eating low fat and non-oily food,drinking lots of just doesn't seem to work.. they're still here!And some of them are easily infected and transforms to a big pimple when I start poping by hand with a tissue.WHAT ARE THESE! I want my normal bumpless skin back!:-((( some one have the same experience or remedies?PLEASE DO TELL! ;-)