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False eyelashes are a fab fix for nights on the town - what could be prettier than gorgeously fluttery lashes? But they're heavy, fiddly to apply and can fall off quite easily. Mascaras are great for daytime, but can they really do the job for a party?

Mascara is an everyday must-have - without it, your eyes can look tired, small and dare we say a little bit beady! But there are so many types of mascara on the market that it can be virtually impossible to decide whether you should go for a volumizing brand, a lash-lengthening formula or a curl and lift mascara. If you're unfortunate enough to have stubby little lashes that don't improve much with mascara, you might have to turn to false lashes, brush on lashes or even lash extensions to get the flutter that you want.  Read on to find out whether you should go for mascara or falsies - or if one of the in-between options would be a better choice!

Getting the Most From Your Mascara

Mascara is every girl's best friend. If you don't have any time to apply any other makeup in the morning, a swish of mascara on your upper and lower lashes will instantly make you look more "done".

Opening up your eyes and making them look bigger, generally, the blacker the mascara the better unless you're very pale or have elderly skin - if so, go for a chocolate brown color instead.

There are a few tricks to getting the most out of your mascara, including:

  • using an eyelash curler to give shape and curl to the lashes before you apply the mascara
  • swishing the wand around inside the tube using a side to side motion instead of pumping it up and down will reduce clumps and clumping, meaning that your mascara goes on more evenly
  • placing the wand at the base of your lash line, then wiggling it gently from side to side up the lashes - this means that it goes on evenly and separates the lashes effectively
  • letting the first layer of mascara dry before applying the second layer
  • using just a few thin coats of mascara instead of one thick layer means that your long lashes will look completely natural

Brush On Lashes

There are a few new products on the market that give you the best of both world - mascara and false lashes. One of them is quite literally a tube full of fibers that looks just like a tube full of cotton wool fibers. You apply mascara, then whilst your lashes are still wet, apply the brush on lashes followed by a layer of mascara to cover up the fibers and to straighten them out. These are literally false lashes that you brush onto your eyelashes, and they are fab. But they do have a couple of cons.

When applying them, the fibers can often get into your eyes which is more than uncomfortable - it can be dangerous.

They are also fairly difficult to remove and will probably require a waterproof makeup remover - makeup wipes are usually completely ineffective. They also tend to be expensive when compared to disposable false lashes, although they are a great DIY alternative to lash extensions.

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