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I've been having small white bumps on my pubic region, particularly in my pubic hair above my penis. They cause a very small amount of pain when touched and when removed they bleed a substancial amount for their size. The bleeding ceases quickly, however. I was simply concerned with what this problem might be, and is an STD a possibility?


If they are small white bumps, I would say it is folliculittis. Do you shave the pubic area sometimes? Folicullitis presents ingrown hairs that got infected by skin bacteria. If you touch the area, you may even spread it to other parts like scrotums, groins or upper thighs.
These bumps may be hard to get rid of although they go away on their own most of the time. If they don’t, you could see a doc and get antibiotics to get rid of them since they are infected with bacteria. Antibiotics usually work.

If the bumps have clear liquid inside of them instead of white (pimple-like) substance, it could be genital herpes. Herpes bumps ooze clear liquid first and then they become crusty and go away but reappear some time after, usually when your immune system’s impaired.

I would see a doc (dermatologist or urologist) and ask if they could distinguish and diagnose your bumps, so that you know if you have an STD or not.