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If anyone could help ease my mind it would be greatly appreciated.

Im a male and over the past week or so I've noticed quite a few bumps in my pubic area. There's more than one but they don't appear in clusters or anything. They're small and some are just raised skin. They don't really hurt but they do feel kind of tinder if that makes sense. I do see hairs growing out of most of them and a couple weeks ago I shaved. I used a really full razor with nothing but water for lubricant and I shaved in practically every direction. I want them to be ingrown hairs but I don't know if they are. They're not red or anything and they darken after a few days and go away.

About a month ago I received a ha****b from someone. She used saliva as lubricant and unexpectedly put her mouth on it for circa 10 seconds. As soon as it was over I ran to the bathroom and washed my genitals with soap because I was so paranoid about getting an std.

I can't get tested because I'm under 18 and can't bring myself to tell anyone. Also, I've never gotten any of these bumps on my actual penis/testicles. Should I worry about STDs or am I being paranoid?


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Hey man so I can't tell for sure because I can't see what these bumps look like but if there is hair coming out of them they are most likely ingrown hairs... do they resemble pimples?  As far as STD testing where are you from ? Most places you can get testing even if you are under 18.