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I'm curious about some very light red spots under the foreskin, they have never appeared outside the skin. They have occasionally appeared now and then, usually its some time after masturbating. They disappear usually pretty fast after a shower, usually after 24-48 hours they are gone completely. They have never really been painful, and certainly never blistered or anything. I was worried that it might be a warning sign of herpes, and I had some urine and blood taken from me for a full STD check. I only slept with 1 girl in my life and it was recently. So I wasn't sure because I have noticed those red blemishes from time to time in the past even before i slept with this girl. Is it possible if there is some bacteria or if you haven't cleaned under the foreskin, and then masturbate, it could leave those red spots? I haven't had any symptoms of herpes aside from just these light blemishes. 

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let me know what you guys think, please and thank you


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I have noticed what appear to be normal ppp's (pearly penile papuals) aroud your corona. and the red blemishes you describe i dont think are anything to be concerned about. there is a bacterial infection called balanitis and it is caused primarily from poor hygine and not washing your foreskin regularly. how often do you wash it?