Ok well i have these small red bumps that have come before at first they croke out all around my eye this was last year sometime and i just waited it out for them to go away idk if i put ne thing on them but then it came again and it was all on the side of my face down my neck on my chest and stomach areas so i went to the doctor...they just went off of what i said that i had taken some medicine before so they said that i was allergic to IB Profin but they didnt test me or nething so they gave me some kinda allergy medicine like clariten and then some steroids and it worked they were gone a day or two later and now its been maybe a year im not for sure but sometime last year though....and this time i had been tanning but i hadnt taken any medicine and i went to wash my face when i saw about 4 or 5 around the side of my eye and i thought it would go away by morning well when i woke up it was all around both eyes my chin area up the side of my face and up my nose to the fore head....idk what it is?!!?? Maybe you'd know and should i go to the dertmitalogist instead of a walk in doctors office?...lemme know asap (my plans are ruined for the day) :'(