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Hi, My name is Nissa I am 18 years old. I was wondering if something may be wrong with me. I have been seeing my period since age ten. However when I see my period I am un able to move, sleep, or eat for at least 3 days. I cannot eat anything because anything that I eat, comes right back up. I have tried taking pain killers, such as midol and nothing seems to be helping me. Is their any other possible solution, that can help me from feeling this way. I feel as sick as a dog, un able to move from bed, besides to get up and go to the rest room.



When I was thirteen (I'm 17 now) I had HOORRRIIIBBBLLLEEE periods. I got heartburn that made me throw up and I still get cramps that make me cry and I tell people I'm in labor lol.
This is what I usually do:
  • Heating pads and hot showers/baths make your muscles relax and it helps cramps.
  • Laying on your side and putting a fluffy pillow between your knees helps with cramps, too.
  • Take pain killers like Motrin, IB Profin, and Tylenol. Midol doesn't do a damn thing - it's just good for snappy comebacks: "Take a Midol and shut up!"
  • Exercising helps. I knooooowknowknow that sounds just impossible, but once you really get into it you feel better. I dance to my favorite songs, go running, or weight lift.
  • Laughter - best medicine out there. I watch a lotlotlot of stand-up comedy on my periods.
  • Being out in the fresh air helps, too. Kind of like when you're sick and it just feels good to breathe in fresh air.

I hope I helped in any way, cause I know how suckish periods can be. My mom never got sick on hers, so she didn't know what to do for me, and I threw up in the middle of Burger King, lol. Not fun. Good luck <3