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My 12 year old son woke up with a red rash under and over his left eye/eye lid-rash above that eyebrow-rash behind one of his ears-and on the other side of his face has 4 big red spots from his forehead to his chin. His eye is basically swollen shut. No fever-the eye ball is perfectly white with nothing coming out-I have given him benadryl-given him steroids-steroid creams(obviously I have taken him to doctors and dermotologists). Eventually it always goes away but this time it's really bad.. We just got home from the doctor's AGAIN...and even the doctor had another doctor come and look at him because he looks like he just went 5 rounds with Ali. They gave him prednisone and said it was allergies. It kills me that allergies can look like that. I have read all of the posts regarding this type of situation and no one really has any anwers that I saw. I have pictures of him that I wish I could post so you can see how severe it is. I'm just really worried and if anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate it..

Thank you


So sorry to hear of your boy's troubles w/ allergies. What have they tried besides steroids orally and topically? Did they do serum allergy testing or just skin scratch? Does he have metal fillings in his mouth? Have you tested for heavy metals or lead? Of course an allergist should tell you about putting dust mite covers on bedding including mattresses, vacuuming once a week with a Hepa filter vacuum, washing the sheets and blankets once a week, not using any feather bedding, keeping stuffed animals and curtains clean and washed regularly or completely out of the bedroom, washing in fragrance free -(not fragranced and then covered with a fragrance remover and doused with formaldehyde to keep them stable) laundry detergents, grooming products, soaps, and cleaning chemicals -. What about hobbies or school activities that may have toxic allergic substances involved. Does he go to wood shop or metal shop classes now that he his in middle school? Do you have pets in your house? If so, are they bathed weekly or kept outside? Consider a parasite cleanse if you have inside animals, there are books on how to do this at home yourself.

Steroids are particularly problematic as they cause dependency and can cause a rebound affect with skin and body systems so that you become dependent on them ar they become ineffective. Also there are a lot of side affects such as hyperness, anger, insomnia, rapid heartrate, over eating, and such. Pre teens have enough to deal with without adding these side affects to their issues. Finally they can eventually cause kidney, liver, and other organ damage and failure. Not good. So please try to find out the cause, through diet changes and environmental changes if needed.

Wish you well and success in your diligent search for answers.



Kricket I couldn't agree with you more. Don't accept defeat. Research research. This is something I just posted in another area - hopefully will help in this one too...

11 years ago I gained 18 kilos (39.6 pounds) of fluid in 2 weeks. Killer. I couldn’t walk, sleep, anything. Turned out it was my kidneys. I went on a roller coaster for the next 5 years. Relapsed 12 times in 5 years. Up about 16 – 18 kilos each time in a fortnight, about a fortnight to come back down. I’ve taken MASSIVE doses of cortisone (at some times intravenously), did a couple of years on immuno suppressants (cyclosporine) and did a chemo drug (cyclophosphamide). The thing is, it wasn’t until I started researching everything for myself did I start to really find some answers. My continued questions about what can I do to help, is there anything in my diet I can change etc etc at my doctor resulted in nothing. I tried everything, Chinese medicine, every nephrologists I could find, alternative healing, I was up for anything. Wasn’t until I started researched autoimmune disease and the links between gluten intolerance that I found I might have found something that might help me. Long story short, I kicked the drugs, went gluten free and not only helped me, I have never been sick again. (on that note, I am NOT telling anyone to stop their medication, I just want MY story to be out there) Its now 6 years later. So I am no stranger to doctors and drugs.
On and off I have had problems with my skin though. I’ve always suspected that its dairy that has affected me. However it would flare up, go aware, flare up, rinse and repeat. If it got really bad I could take a short sharp shock of cortisone although I am loathe to use that stuff. Sadly it does work tho. As do the cortisone creams. But they are all so evil for you.
Then suddenly my skin completely went crazy, mainly on my face and especially around my eyes. My face was mildly swollen, but my eyelids, one in particular, was horrifying. Red, sore, swollen, tender, wrinkly, ugly. I’d also felt a bit achey, rather tired and irritable. I refuse to use cortisone anymore. I had to work out what this was. I felt like I wanted to scratch my eyes out, but could hardly put my finger to my skin. On a hot day if I got a little sweaty it would sting terribly, and please don’t make me cry because that hurt so much.
So I started writing down everything I suspected it could be, and everything I knew it couldn’t. Had I changed makeup recently? New shampoo? On and on. Then onto foods. Food allergies/intolerances account for so many peoples problems. I had been to a dermatologist who told me I was allergic to copper just before my kidneys went bad when my skin was horrifying bad. I was told to avoid copper, given cortisone cream and wished the best of luck. It wasn’t until I went gluten free and had been doing all my own research that I found I can’t really be allergic to copper. An allergy is a reaction to a protein. Copper a protein? No, gluten was the protein and my kidney disease and eczema were the result. Ditched the gluten and the kidney problem and eczema went too. But there was obviously still something mild that was stirring me up every now and again, and I had just reached the climax.
Back onto my list - If I got through a day and it didn’t seem to be so bad, or actually seemed better, I deemed those foods safe(ish). I was crossing some off one list and adding to another, researching allergies on the net, researching my symptoms. I had changed jobs 4 months prior and that seemed to be when it started getting worse so I was looking at everything at work I might be exposed to as well.
I prepared a list of things I wanted to be tested for at the doctors as well. I’ll get the results next week.
Finally I got there myself anyways… Peanuts. I started my new job and the only 2 items in our food machine that were gluten free were dairy milk chocolate and peanuts. Trying not to eat too much chocolate I was getting into the peanuts. Going on a health mission a month or two into the new job, I was cutting back on the chocolate (sigh) and eating more peanuts if I wanted a snack. Then when my skin started going berserk I decided to finally cut all dairy. None at all (a life without cheese?!). Therefore I wasn’t eating anymore chocolate AT ALL and yes, alas, only eating the peanuts as my sneaky snack… And that’s when my skin went crazy. I was waking to hardly recognize myself.
The point of this massive post is that, it is amazing how much you can work out for yourself. I have gone peanut free and I am all good now. I am ok with tree nuts, just not peanuts. I get my test results back next week and I know what they will tell me. The number of times I have had to force doctors to do tests I want done etc is amazing. I’ve met so many who had told me I shouldn’t try to self diagnose. I call it research. I will listen to any doctor, but I want them to listen to me too. Try food elimination. If you have a serious problem, you have nothing to lose by cutting something out of your diet to work out if you’re feeling better. Research allergies. See a doctor who deals in allergies. They are gold. You need a doctor who thinks outside the square. I have moved state now, but the doctor that I found AFTER I went gluten free (ironic yes), confirmed everything that I had worked out for myself. I broke down in tears, I was so overwhelmed getting the confirmation. Now I try to only deal with these kinds of doctors. We did all kinds of tests to determine if my body was deficient in any areas etc. obviously my peanut allergy has developed since.
Don’t just think you had to use creams because your doctor told you to, and that’s the only choice you have. The last doctor I went to gave me another script for cortisone. I DON’T WANT IT! I want to find out the cause. Give me these tests please. If you see a dermatologist or eye doctor, they will typically give you a cream or drops or tell you to stay away from something. Personally I see it as a waste of time. Yes I might make some people angry here, but I would rather see someone who deals with allergies etc who can actually get to the root of the problem. These are my symptoms, now lets find out what is causing it. Do some research and present yourself and your list of possible suspects to the doctor. Don’t feel foolish for trying to work it out yourself. As a minimum RAST testing is good, testing for dust, mould, seafood, nuts etc etc. I would much rather cut something out of my life than try and smother the symptoms with a cream or tablet.
I hope this makes sense. Apologies for the long windedness, but I get rather passionate about it. I have often wondered if I kept doing things the ‘doctors way’ when my kidneys weren’t behaving, if I would be alive today.



LOU - Hope you come back through here again and get this. thankyou for all your information. It sounds like I am having the same issues as you did. Extreme eye swelling( I am unrecognizeable) Red rough wrinkly itchy skin on face. I have woke up with the swelling 3 times within the last 2 weeks. The irritated skin has not went away at all over the last 3 weeks. it has only fluctuated from irritating to unbearable. Im trying to pin point this into being a allergic reaction to food or not. I was thinking not because I was under the impression that you get an allergic reaction from food within an hour or so of consuming it, but your story comes across otherwise? Any thoughts..anyone?


One day my 12 year old woke up with a rash on his face around his mouth and his face was swollen. His stomach had cramps and diareah, he was throwing up as well. We took him to the doctors, who thought he was having a food allergie. We belived it was from a Mango. All Mangos have been removed from the house. Its been over a week and his rash went away but the swelling in his face and around his right eye have gotten worse. We keep taking him to the doctors who tested his blood and said he was not allergic to Mango or anything else. Now he is on a high does of predisone (steroids). He looks like he has been in a fight. Has anyone had this happen to them? No new foods or detergents and the child stays in the house 100% of the time so what is going on with my child. He was a healthy child till this all happened. any feed back would be appreciated..