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I have red spots that have recently appeared on the soft tissues on the roof of my mouth. First it felt like something was stuck there but I could not see anything. Next day one small bright red spot appeared. The next day is became much larger. Now, two days later, the spot had faded and separated into three smaller ones. It still feels like something is stuck there. Any idea what this could be?

Thank you!


Hello there,

My sister had the exact same thing you have described. She was told by her physician and as well as ear nose and throat doctor that the condition she has is called coxsackie virus. The treatment for this thing is almost doing nothing because this needs to heal on its own. Sometimes tt goes away but it can come back in a couple of weeks or days. It can affect your throat, roof of the mouth, and tongue as well.

My sister said that the sores are painful while there is only few of them but afterwards they have covered the entire roof of her mouth. She was treating her throat and mouth with Listerine and this gave her some relief. Talk to your doctor for more information and be patient because this condition sometimes can last for months.