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i have had little white blisters on my tongue for 3 days now but there is no burning feeling to it, also the back of my throat has had this bleeding look to it, i have had my tonsils taken out. is there any answer for what it could be ?


Well theses are probably fever blisters or canker sores or mouth ulcers; call them whatever name you like, but you are stuck with them for at least 10 days! They usually occur in mouth or mouth roof and even gums in young children. This condition is very contagious so avoid infants if you have them in your surroundings.

You can consult your doctor about this condition and he will probably give you antibiotics (they are usually prescribed) and this can help you to relieve symptoms.

The biggest problem with the fever blisters is the reoccurrence. Once you got them there is almost 90 % sure that you will get them again so talk with your doctor about preventing this condition.