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So I’m a 37 year old uncircumcised male and the last few days the foreskin surrounding the top of my penis has been slightly red and sore and there is a white milky semen looking substance not coming from the tip but under my foreskin when I pull it back , it has a slight smell to it , I last had sex with my girlfriend last Monday and was protected with a condom but naturally I’m thinking it could be related to that , she has shown me test results that she has had done since we’ve been going out and all negative , and I trust her.

Like I said though it’s not a discharge out of the tip of my penis like the pictures of STD’s on Google, it’s coming from underneath my foreskin, I’m aware of smegma but how come I’ve never noticed this before ?  

Prior to me starting to date her 6 months ago I didn’t have many sexual partners before that so could it be I’m just not used to having regular sex ? One other thing my foreskin is a bit tight when having sex without a condom and sometimes I have to pull my foreskin back over my penis as it stays retracted so using a condom is usually more comfortable for me so could it be I’m sore because of that ?

One other thing could it be that I’ve had an allergic reaction to the condoms because we used some that are not a make I recognise ?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Apsf,

See your doctor.  You might have balanitis.  It's not an STD but it is an inflammation.