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I am a 39 year female, an for the past month I have had a discharge from my rectum that started as blood then lightened up and is now reddish yellow sometimes with a little brown tint, it is accompanied by what feels like a knot in the muscle about an inch an a half away from the rectum, the knot is painful at times, I have been to the ER twice first time they told me I had cellulitis, an the second time they told me it was just hemroids an to change my diet an add more fiber.....I have done this, I also started taking two different pills a probiotic and a fiber an at first it started to act like it was going away, but now the discharge is more and has the added yellow tint to it.....i have also tried hemroidal supositories with no luck........they can't get me into my normal doctor for two months......I am stressed an worried an don't


know what else to do. Can someone please help, advice, options, any ideas of what the problem may be, I have not been diagnosed with any problems before.


Call a gastrointestinal doctoe asap