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I have always had Irregular Periods. They started when I was about 15 and I am now 21 years old. At first I thought my body just needed to get used to the change. When I was 16 I was on the pill too for about 6 months so I had artificial periods (they were quite heavy and painful). I later became underweight from about age 17. I was 5'4" and my lowest weight was around 44kg/97lb. That's a BMI of 16.6 (normal is 18.5–24.9) so I assumed that my periods were down to not having enough body weight. They could be 5 months apart or more sometimes. Over the last 2 years I have slowly put on weight. I don't know how much I weigh now. I don't have scales but I do know I am at a healthy weight with a nice little layer of body fat. I thought my periods would become regular now. They were more regular when I was in a sexually active relationship but they could still be up to 8 weeks apart. I also tend to get cramps for weeks before I bleed. Sometimes I have all the symptoms but then nothing happens at all. Now that I am single and not having sex they have become less frequent again. I have been single for about 3 months and I have had one period. I was stressed out at first with the broken heart and moving out but now I am not stressed out. I am actually very content with my life. It's a bit uncertain at the moment but I wouldn't say I am stressed out. Could there be an underlying problem here? Could it be lasting damage from being so underweight? I have looked this up and not found much about this. I wasn't anorexic I just didn't eat very much and I have a very high metabolism. (I eat a lot more than my sister and she has more body fat than me) It was never about body image for me. I am much happier in my body now than I was at 44kg.


Yes, they could be from being underweight. Not being a healthy weight will affect your menstrual cycle, but since your a healthy weight now, it shouldnt. I would recommend going to see a doctor and telling them about it. Some girls just have irregular periods there whole life. good luck though!