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I have reoccuring severe abdomen pain. It usually will start with pain/gnawing feeling right below my breast bone or low in my abdomen near my rectum. It feels like my intestines are cramping. I had colon cancer 4 years ago that was completely taken care of by surgery & I have had a colonoscopy every year since including last August with no reoccurence. Last July I woke up from a sound sleep with severe abdominal pain. I was put in the hospital with a diagnosis of pancreatitis. The attacks kept happening. After several tests and 2 more visits to the emergency room they discovered my gallbladder was not working and removed it in August. Everything seem to be great until late October and the attacks started again. I have no appendix, no ovaries, no uterus, no gallbladder. I have had surgery; tried antibiotics, elavil, pepcid, gasx, tums, rolaids, nothing has worked. It is some of the most severe pain I have ever experienced and nobody can seem to find out what is wrong with me. Any suggestions, I feel like I am about to lose it.


Sounds like you have quite a history and there may be a lot involved. I would suggest keeping a diary with all your daily events, eating, bathroom habits, pain levels, activity, etc. to help identify what it is that is causing these flare ups.

Chances are with this kind of medical history you may have more than one thing on the go. -Good luck to you XD