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i caught the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia a yr and a half ago, i only had the infection for 3 months but this was long enough for it to result in me losing an ovary and a fallopian tube on my left side and the infudibulum (which the sperm must travel through to reach the ovary) on the right side. i was very lucky though as i was told i was an hours from dying as i had a PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and internal bleeding due to cysts, and this too damaged my bowels which managed to be saved, this was all due to the chlamydia infection. i was told i would need ivf in order to have children after the operation, this is because the one ovary i do have left does not have the infudibulum. i put all of this to the back of my mind as i wasnt planning on having children until now. only i am now very worried that i could be infertile also and this will make ivf even more difficult if not impossible for me. i was never told whether i was infertile or not as a result of having such a bad case of chlamydia, i was only told that i would need ivf. but researching into it further i have found that chlamydia has left many people infertile and i was wondering if anyone can help me with how true this is and my chances of being infertile also? the infection was cleared after a week in hospital, my periods since the operation have not been at all regular, they are sometimes very heavy, and other times barely noticeable, that goes for the pain too. does having periods mean that i am not infertile? or can u be infertile and still have periods? i have an appointment with my gaenycologist in 3 months but was hoping to find out sooner. so if any of you have been in a similar situation or can help me it would be greatly appreciated. many thanks. x %-)


Yes, I've read that IVF can help.

Wish you the best!